"Dreaming", the first of a process.

This is my first drawing after a long time.
The process: glue paper, drawing without thinking around the glued shapes, and meditated in intervals to get my mind concentrated while in the process of repeting the details.
For me the most important is the connection with the pencil and to be tuned with my sensations while drawing.

27 x 21 cm paper, ink

While dreaming… we grow towards untold places by our inner strengh…
even if we felt to pass away...
Keep on dreaming either slept or awake!

4 comentarios:

montserrat lacomba dijo...

Beautiful! there are some jewelry details I think!
I will write later.

Lotte dijo...

I absolutely love your drawing, I'm curious to see the next ones! :)

Anónimo dijo...

por fin

Mirla Fernandes dijo...

Dear Marta, absolutely beautiful this series of drawings. I kind of understand what you mean by letting go around the glued shapes. Building these little structures that reminds us a lot of traditional jewellery structures that are meant to be repetitive.
I am also working on drawings these days and they are little by little integrating into my jewellery.
How do you feel about repeting structures? How does it relate to the process of making your jewellery? have you already made any connections with these drawings and a more 3D creation? I would love to post your thoughts about this (and the drawings) in NOVA JOIA blog, if you don't mind answering.