My friend Gemma Draper invite us to be a part of "La Germinal"

I was with Gemma Draper in Barcelona last Christmas
and she talked about her new project.

"I want to announce the launch of a new project www.lagerminal.com

and invite you to be a part of it in the way you feel appropriate. 

La Germinal is a place to do and undo. 
Because creative tasks also need time for testing and training. 
La Germinal is the space to grow up and gone wild, a place of stimulus.
Because we can enjoy and learn different ways to cultivate and implement ideas. 
La Germinal is a fertilizing soil, a place where things happen. 

I'll welcome your comments, suggestions ... and thank you for spreading this news to others who might be interested in this project."

I was visiting " the Garbage Pin Project" at Arts Santa Mònica

“Garbage Pin Project started in January 2008 as a virtual process through the communication established, mainly by email, with the 90 artists that have participated. All of them were sent the Garbage Pin kit with which a common proposal could be carried out.
The proposal consisted in suggesting to them to use the jewel during five days and to select, create or recreate, the contents kept in five plastic bags according to the perspective and reflections generated from the project: worth VS waste’ in the current urban society.
In August 2008 each artist returned its concluding proposal, gathering this way a considerable corpus of rubbish bags.”


Finish Tradition for new year " Lead-pouring"


First rings for "Ring a Day"

Nina Dinoff said:

 "Starting Jan 1, 2010 jewelers from around the world will be posting a ring a day! 
This is an exercise in creative exploration."

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