Sketchbook Project 2012 was in London. Surprise!!!!

After a night with a strong nightmare, I have a cup of tea and I draw a while.

Sun and 3 degrees outside

In mind, about discussions of the last days on the physical, the mental, the spiritual limits.I thought about my artists friends, those with I can talk about personal issues that worry me.

Those limits that make us strive, seek, question, rest, stop, dream, ...

Grey geometric shape comes to my mind?

It could be a nightmare?

     On facebook I have received a new video about the Sketchbook Project 2012.

I begin to see, to enjoy the thousands of books.

    At minute 6.20 , SURPRISE one of my drawing in the screen!!!


The Sketchbook Project is a travelling interactive library exhibition of artists's books.

     Since 2007 Steven Peterman ( co-founder and director of operations) and his team have interacted with 70.000 artists and received sumissions from 120 countries on 6 continents.

     This year 2012 it was the first trip to Europe.

     They brought around 1600 artists´s sketchbooks from across Europe.

     London at "Canada Water Library" 

Grey colour and geometric shape?

It is not a nightmate, it is a place where discover worlds.

Architect ,Piers Gough, for whom "books haven't gone away. Libraries still hold these magic realms of invention, realms of ideas. They're places where you're not told what to think; they're also places where you can stay and stop and spend as long as you like."

The mini-doc features Piers Gough of CZWG architects, Hanif Kara of structural engineers AKT II and Southwark Council's Head of Culture, Libraries, Learning and Leisure, Adrian Whittle. The three discuss how the library came about, why it is the shape it is, how the structure was able to realise this design and most importantly how it has been received by the local community and beyond.