"Cold Winter" at Gallery Studio 20/17 Waterloo,Sydney

materials: Juniper wood, silver and enamel

materials: Juniper wood, silver, laminated and paint

Annual Winter Brooches 2009
2nd June - 11 July

Brooches collection " Cold Winter"


When I met to him I never imagined that one day I would be in Lapland, walking on the forest, smelling, feeling the white and the green. Life is a circle that give us opportunities to do better things. The time past on and now we are in other circle line.

Another place, new destination, with a heart´s shape view in an air map, Brussels.
I have been there only one time, walking in a park, and I felt the same that an others time. Drops are falling on our window looking to a new day.

4 comentarios:

montserrat lacomba dijo...

Good luck with your beautiful pieces!
I saw you featured on Crafthaus' headline! Congrats!

Have a nice day!



paula lindblom dijo...

Hi dear Marta!

Good luck with your beautiful pieces!

As always nice and beautiful pieces...

Take care and keep up the good work!

Kramkram/hughug Paula.

Anónimo dijo...

Dear Marta,
beautiful works with wood. As I am going to Sydney next week I will have a look at the exhibition to see them in real life :-)
Greetings Sina

Melinda Young dijo...

These brooches are so beautiful! My favourite pieces in the exhibition!
best wishes