Thanks to Arnaud Sprimont :)


Welcome in Brussels!

I just send you this mail to inform you that i Really love your work and i put a post over you in my

blog http://www.apparat.be/

Let me introduce you to apparat.be:

Being an artist myself (jewellery and sculpture http://www.arnaud-sprimont.be), I created this blog to share and celebrate my passion for contemporary jewellery. International and multicultural, apparat.be hopes to inspire and be inspired.To learn from the various cultures, concepts and creations that exist around the world.The jewellers on this blog are a blend of emerging and confirmed artists that have in common, an artistic and contemporary approach to their research and creations. Identities, discoveries, confrontations, love, senses, sensibility, emotions, curiosity,ambitions, beauty; are what we are here to share and explore together.

Have a nice day
See you soon
Arnaud Sprimont

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montserrat lacomba dijo...

It's a interesting website!

Best wishes,


carolina hornauer dijo...

hola Marta....

a propósito de tus piezas....me encanta cómo han ido evolucionando...felicitaciones.

muchos saludos