Thanks to Jon Suchodolski and Dominika Naborowska

Looking for a topic for my post here on Panie Przodem I came across a great femenine theme. So femenine that I don't even try to give it my interpretation.
All I can add is that it treats about symbolic distance between womens heart and womb, a distance between the present and the future, a single person and his family, a distance bewteen opposite desires.
Beautiful, deep and touching. And I write it without a shadow of irony or showinism.
A woman is a huge mystery!Shall you focus on how the womb is expressed!And since, like Dominika, I love Spanish language (unlike her, I don't speak Spanish), let me quote the author, Marta Miguel Martinez-Soria.

La distancia entre dos sueños
medida real entre corazón y útero
distancia entre el presente – futuro,
yo – familia,
salud – enfermedad
instalacion en mi cuerpo.

Jan Suchodolski Zero925

PS. Blokrzyżówka (Blokshyshoofka) is Panie Przodems action that allows two owners of their blogs to interchange their post in one day. So todays post on Panie Przodem is written by Jan Suchodolski, while todays post on zer925.blox.pl is written by Dominika Naborowska(Dominikas text here)

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