Contemporary art jewellery

" Adopting a Dreamtime " 2014

" Adopting a Dreamtime, She " 2014

" Adopting a Dreamtime, the Joy " 2014

" La sal de Gema " 2012

" Cosas de Família " 2010

"Tenderness" 2010

When the pain is part of the everyday life, 
"The Tenderness" towards oneself is the first step of healing.

" Cold Winter " 2009

When I met to him I never imagined that one day I would be in Lapland, walking on the forest, smelling, feeling the white and the green. Life is a circle that give us opportunities to do better things. The time past on and now we are in other circle line.

Another place, new destination, with a heart´s shape view in an air map, Brussels.
I have been there only one time, walking in a park, and I felt the same that an others time. Drops are falling on our window looking to a new day.

" The dangerous " 2009

" The peculiar " 2008

" The everyday " 2008

" The forgotten  " 2008

" Desert " 2008

 " Criaturas equilibradas " 2004