"Dreaming", the first of a process.

This is my first drawing after a long time.
The process: glue paper, drawing without thinking around the glued shapes, and meditated in intervals to get my mind concentrated while in the process of repeting the details.
For me the most important is the connection with the pencil and to be tuned with my sensations while drawing.

27 x 21 cm paper, ink

While dreaming… we grow towards untold places by our inner strengh…
even if we felt to pass away...
Keep on dreaming either slept or awake!


Friends in KORU3

Dear friends, Alejandra Solar and Paula
Nice evening and interesting results of the workshops!!
Another time be there was an awesome experience for learning, sharing and meeting friends.

if you want to see and know more about KORU3
please visit Paula´s blog.

see you in KORU4,.... with tango song,...