"Dreaming", .....

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paula lindblom dijo...

Hi dear Marta!
Nice drawings! I’m curios about the dreams… What are you dreaming of?!
I hope your dreams will come true.
Keep up the good work and don’t stop the investigations.

Kramkram Paula.

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria dijo...

HI Paula, thanks.
Yes i decided to draw feelings without control, loosing my mind like when i meditated and try don´t think, it´s difficult to explain.These drawings appears earliier in the morning and in the afternoon.

I told my sister Natalia, the actress, that write about this drawing.

I hope she continue doing it , because the result is more important for me, she knows me well.

well best regards and keep the good work , and congratulatios for PLATINA!!!

this afternoon i will see Jorge at the Prize Exhibition in Mons.

best regards


paula lindblom dijo...

Hi dear Marta!

I understand that this paintings are for you in the first place, that the same with my drawings/paintings, you started without knowing and I think it’s nice that you named them dreams, it explain a lot what it’s about, without having to tell what the dream is, it could be a dream in daylight, more or less that the dreams we have in the nights time, that we can’t control, but sometimes they can help us to see en feel things clearer.
Nice that your sister is involved in this, to help you and write down, nice cooperation sisters between.

Please say hallo to Jorge from me and tell him, if you got the opportunity to speak to him, that I will send him an e-mail later on. I have some photos from Imatra that I know that he will have, I also think that he has some photos that I will have…

Have a lovely weekend and keep up the good work and continue with these drawings, it will come out good things out of theme, I know and believe it!

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.