Giuseppe Penone!!!! MAC´s à Grand-Hornu

Today we visited The MAC´s Museum for Contemporary Arts of the French Community of Belgium. www.mac-s.be 

Awesome exhibition

GIUSEPPE PENONE " Des veines, au ciel,ouvertes"  

more pictures: 


a Christmas gift from my friend Paula

I met Paula Lindblom at the workshop "nOw chaos" with Ruudt Peters in 2004.

From 2005 to 2007 she invited me to participate in the project "On line jewellry project", an original online project that was precursor after another. She had the brilliant idea of using the Internet as a means of communication between artists during the creative process under the subject "The consumer society. " No one of us knew in person, and after 2 years to exchange views and images via the network, we had the experience of showing the works in several European galleries.

Thanks to its project in 2006 I started this blog "a place where live where I show my emotions and feelings turned into art

Since 2004, we didn´t see us until 2009, KORU3, there I could enjoy his art and his fun conversation, always smiling and supporting friends.

I returned from Spain last Friday, and I was surprised to receive her gift.

As she says: "just a thing that I remember thinking about you and I'm happy that you letting me be your friend. "

and I say: "Thanks for letting me be, Paula I hope next year that will be a creative crazy year with a lot of opportunities"