another dreaming!!

The characters this time I have represented in black and  with no details to accentuate the cocktail of emotions that can be expressed by adding other elements.
 Blue gives me calm, security, communicates fluently a leap to freedom.But in the end only the figures appear smaller and more geometric. Curious contradiction.
Red related to love, life, makes me think of organic forms and cords that bind.
Something is about to be born.
The eraser came in a package a few days ago.

A jeweler friend of the group " Joyas Sensacionales" Isabel Herrera

 invited me to participate in a collective exhibition in December. 
I tell stories and dreams, destroy and build them.
These days , this eraser is part of the process.
I love to work in this way, is like cooking.
Some ingredients that you control because you want to do something with them.
After build-destroy,build-destroy very quickly and in some how i can feel more touchfull with
some compositions and dialogue with them. 
Today in the afternoon, my emotions were very calm. 
Nests were filled.

Pearl necklace on the table and waiting for a new beat.

Thanks to Arnaud Sprimont "Apparat"