Mother´s day , away from Spain

Sunny day in the city, lively and melancholy of being away from the family.
I decided to go alone to a vintage market for the first time and practice french.

First of all, take a good breakfast and after ,....

The Vintage Market in the historic building of Halles St. Géry

Once upon a time, there was an island sitting on the river Senne. It was called the Grande Ile. In the middle of this island, in the 16th century, people built a church and called it Saint Géry. But at the end of the 18th century they demolished the church and replaced it with an obelisk surrounded by a fountain. 
The place became an open market. 
Then, around 1870 the river Senne was covered and the island was no more. The people thought they should cover the market too. Thus, in 1882, the building known as the Halles Saint Géry was raised. The fountain and the obelisk are still inside it.

I started to capture details,...

and find some treasures for our home

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