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I met Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria on the web some time ago, with her I experienced how the project canbecome a vehicle for communication and sharing.
Marta is designer and illustrator, her research focuses on the body (physical-emotional), the raw material, processing, meditation.
Her work is the materialisation of the body's tale, on making their feelings, fears, and breaths, the project becomes the cure.
The research for Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria is a hand tend to soft and comforting breathe, carefree ridein which the arrival is not important, what matters is the journey, every step, every emotion, every sunbeam.
Marta is an artist "of stomach" that uses her body as a tool to describe the inner experience, brings it out ofherself in this way to share it, understand it and then know that face.

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Francesca Mancini dijo...

Martha, gracias a la oportunidad, gracias a este hermoso verano de girasol "Necesito un poco de sol en esta fría ..:))