"The Tenderness"

When the pain is part of the everyday life, 
"The Tenderness" towards oneself is the frst step of healing.

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paula lindblom dijo...

Hi Marta!

I like you new stuff very much, it had been great to see them”alive”, I can see and fell you pain cross this pink jewellery, they are also places very well on your body, I like the images, I am not sure that this strong feeling that you show us would show up if the pieces/object/sculptures/jewellery are by them self with out a body to relate to. I like that you get me touched by the material, I have hard to see what it is, but I can understand the weakness, the hardness and also the deformed ideas… My thoughts goes in someway to Louise Bourgeois’s textile sculptures…

Keep up the good work and don’t stops explore your emotional feelings, even if I do everything to cross my fingers for your pain to go away. Love your works and wish you good luck!

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria dijo...

Dear friend Paula:

I love the idea that you like them. It was difficult to exhibit at the school , they´re so intimate. But now i am very happy to do it. These creations are a reflection of emotions, feelings that arise from a very unconscious pain. Jorge helped me a lot in not fear the result.I'm starting again with another material, applying this new form of search and execution linked to the emotions.

When it hurts some unexplained way, somehow emerge from the depths and speaks for itself. If you tenderly speaks to the visceral, the result is more rewarding than the abandonment of sorrow.


then thanks again and be sure thatt i could not stop exploring my feelings, the pain is passing away now and always. I love the idea that life surprise me again and again. Be happy!!

with love


paula lindblom dijo...

Dear Marta!

Your last word makes me happy, I’m glad that you look at life in another way these days.
Say hallo to Jorge from me, I miss the time we spend in KORU3 last year, more or less a year since… The time flies!

Take care and enjoy what you coming up with, I’m love to see more!

Your friend and college, Paula (Kramkram).

MUS dijo...

i like this work!
nice to find you :)