My dear friend, Nelly Van Oost and "Oh My!"

Traveling exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery

Our society keeps giving definitions. Each object has its own definition, its own function, so what happens when the rules are changed, when the object becomes poetry? 

It gives birth to a desire to understantd what is unknown, to file it in a familiar universe.

Nevertheless, the poetry of the object, of these contemporay jewels, implies feelings, discovery. You surrender to the desire of wearing a piece of the universe of an artist. It is a way to give it another identity, to find its own definition.

Through this exhibition "Oh My !“ I am introducing different artists from varied backgrounds, each in their own way telling us a story. And this is conveyed through these contemporary jewels which are so surprising, fascinating, and make us wonder… A special link develops between the public and these objects.

Nelly Van Oost curator of the exhibition

I have great pleasure to invite you to visit, for the first time publicly, the exhibition Oh My!

This magnificent walled city offers us a contrast between its historical context and  the contemporary jewelry exhibition.

I expect many of you at the opening Friday, 9 of September at 19h!

The exhibition will run from September 10 to September 18, 2011.
From 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm.
at 13, rue Pierre Ledent, 62170 Montreuil-sur-Mer


Carmen Hauser

Cristina Martí Mató

Judy mc Caig          

Sabine Conrad

Tabea Reulecke

Tatjana Giorgadse

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